Sunday, January 06, 2008

Breakpoint, or is that Checkpoint?

Forums are interesting beasts. And addictive.

I know. I'd been a frequent poster on the* newsgroups - the original forums. Totally addicted. There is a certain adrenaline rush to watching for a new post and creating a reasonable response.

I never did feel quite comfortable with the original bulletin board systems. But when the hotels and airports blocked the newsgroup port, apparently under the assumption that all we really want is mail and http, I got heavy into the Oracle Forums. Lately, though, I've been on the Oracle Forums too much. I'm responding too quickly. Not checking my facts properly. Making novice mistakes.

So it's time to take a break. Not quit ... I doubt that I could quit totally. But take a break.

Perhaps it's just a checkpoint. I plan on using the time to collect and organize a lot of my notes. Review and reinforce what I know, correct my assumptions and fallacies, and enhance the 'good enough to get it working' knowledge. There is enough for a book - or two. But it's got to be checked. And verified. And will be before I post again.

Besides, I have a few other things coming up. My paying jobs - consulting, training and singing - beckon with contracts that will keep me very busy for the next few months. And we (Edmonton Opera) are putting on Mozart's Requiem soon and Falstaff at the end of April, so I better learn my parts.


Tonguç said...

Hans I hope you won't let us miss you too much, and of course I wish you have an efficient break :)

Best regards.

Aman Sharma said...

Hi sir,
I hope that you will come back again very soon.I once again apologize if my post did make you upset even for the slightest bit.I am really very sorry if it came out that way.As I said in the post too,it wasnt and wont ever be in that sense coz I am no where near even to correct legends like you.I have ALOT to learn yet to make myself corrected first before to claim that I know some thing about Oracle.
I am really very sorry.
With best regards,

Forbrich said...

Your comment did not upset me at all. I simply need to step back and slow down.

Ivan said...

I see you decided to "alter system suspend" :-)
Hope that we'll see your valuable posts on OTN very soon.

Btw Is there link to RSS export/channel (of your blog)?