Friday, June 27, 2008

Where to look for XML-DB info

There have been recent questions about where to find information about Oracle's XML implementation, and how to use XML DB

You might want to start the online tutorials. ( Drill into the Database 10g tutorials and go to the Extended Data management ones at the end.

You also might want to start at the XML-DB portal to see whether they have any demos or samples. All product portals start at OTN (, go into the product family (Product [left edge] > Database), then into the feature set (Content Management sounds like a good guess) and finally to the component (XMLDB) and see whether there are any discussions, white papers (venter area) or samples and tutorials (right edge)

Or you might want to look at the XML technology portal to see whether they have any demos or samples. All technology portals start on OTN at, go to the Technology Centers (Technology [left edge]), select Technology header if the area is not immediately visible, go to the XML Tech Center, see if there are some discus edge)sion papers or Sample Code (right edge)

Barring that, you could use a web search for "load xml into oracle" and perhaps select the first link that pops up (Loading A Large Xml Document Into The Database)

Or you could go to a book store such as Amazon, search for "Oracle XML" and buy a book like
- "Oracle Database 10g XML & SQL: Design, Build, & Manage XML Applications in Java, C, C++, & PL/SQL (Osborne ORACLE Press Series) by Mark Scardina, Ben Chang, and Jinyu Wang (Paperback - May 31, 2004)"

or my favorite

- "Building Oracle XML Applications by Steve Muench (Paperback - Oct 2, 2000) - Illustrated"

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