Saturday, July 19, 2008

PSOUG Oracle Days is over for another year

Just got back from the PSOUG-hosted training and OracleDays 2008. A great week - three days of training and two of conference and breakout session. As always, I caught up with old friends and met people who I'd only known by reputation, or had met electronically.

The one challenge with this kind of conference - and it'll be a nightmare at Oracle Open World - is deciding what to attend. I started with 2 days of intense discussion about indexes by Richard Foote, but had to pass on classes by Jeremiah Wilton (, Kyle Hailey ( and the dynamic duo of Cary Millsap and Karen Morton (

Talk about flattery - one person admitted to thinking twice about my presentation on Oracle Spatial before coming to his senses and attending Tom Kyte's "Worst Practices" session. Can't blame him, as I would have loved to attend Tom's session myself.

Thursday and Friday were filled with keynotes and breakout sessions. As usual, the hot topic of the day is governance, but there were some interesting announcements by Pillar (ASM compatible storage) and IBM's z10 mainframe taking the cost effective Oracle-on-Linux discussion to the net level.

One Thursday and Friday I managed to attend sessions by Kyle and Jeremiah (but I collided with Richard's high level Index session). These guys have it together - I highly recommend listening to them if you get a chance.

Bottom line is a big thanks to the PSOUG, especially Dan Morgan and Jack and Chris, as well as the sponsors and speakers. I've already got this on my calendar for next year.

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