Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ahhhh ... San Francisco

Oracle's Open World is, like Oracle itself, big. And exciting.

And I'm here - again. My 3rd Open World as an independent. I can't remember how many I attended while at Oracle, DLGL or Nortel. (Perhaps I should set up a database - APEX should make it easy.)

This year I'll be blogging about my experience here. Hopefully several times a day.

First off, Kudos to the Open World registration team who made the arrangements to get me here. I arrived yesterday afternoon on a direct flight from Edmonton. The flight was pleasant and - surprise - the plane and the bags all arrived at the same time. Got to the hotel and the check-in process was flawless. (You would be surprised at the number of times I have glitches at hotel check-in.) Met with Dan Morgan (Morgan's Library at and a few more Oracle ACE Directors.

Took the bus from the Hilton over to the Moscone Center this morning to check in and get my registration package. So far everything looks just like it did last year. Same party tent, same registration process (but without the snags from last year), same location for the OTN Lounge, and the bookstore (which will probably get me to buy a lot of stuff, same as last year). So a lot is already familiar.

On the agenda for today - get my iPod tied in to the hotel network and the Oracle conference Wifi so I blog and get my emails without carrying the laptop. Attend some IOUG sessions. Meet with a lot of the ACEs and ACE Directors.

If you are here, check out the OTN lounge. I'll be there for a fair bit, and I hope to meet a number of people I've chatted with, emailed, and met on the Forums.

This promises to be fun ...

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