Thursday, September 25, 2008

Keynote ..

Larry Ellison used his keynote to announce an Oracle-HP hardware solution to the problem of getting data quickly from database (disk) to the instance (memory). I'm sure I'll admire the technology under this, and the obvious place to look is Kevin Closson's discussion around this.

Like Tim Hall, I am underwhelmed by the announcement. I'm certain there is a use for this, but this is nearly irrelevant in the small to medium market - and in Canada, the bulk of the potential Oracle customers are in the small to medium business class.

Similarly underwhelming, I note that the conference seems to have emphasized everything but database. (As compared to previous years, I don;t remember being told what the portion of Oracle revenue comes from database.)

Indeed, in a separate briefing, we were told about middle tier enhancements that provide zero-latency and infinite scalability, making the 'unscalable and slow database' effectively obsolete. I'm waiting for the announcement of sub-zero response times and virtual persistence that does not need any data store at all.


Noons said...

Pah! That's nothing!
10 years ago I was doing queries in release 8.1.7 that finished BEFORE they started!!!

Forbrich said...

Wouldn't surprise me. :-} Do I vaguely remember a discussion around that on cdos some years ago?

Noons said...

you got it!

samantha said...

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