Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mommy ... it's over*

*With apologies to Victor from Just for Laughs

Oracle Open World is over for another year. This one has been rather interesting and very special for me for a lot of reasons, not the least being this was my first as an ACE Director.

There are a lot of thanks to hand out
- to Justin for being the energy and brains of OTN;
- to Lillian and Vikki for herding the cats called ACEs and ACE Directors;
- to Lewis for getting the Birds of a Feather session going;
- to Eddie and Tim and Mark and Dan and Mogens and ... for mentoring;
- to Oracle Open World team for the great show;
- to all those I've inadvertently insulted by leaving your names out;

and to each and every one who introduced yourselves and chatted with me.

As always, I learned a lot about Oracle and the Oracle community, and leave wanting more. I spent much more time networking than ever, which simply confirmed how great of a community this really is.

I already have some tentative invitations to speak or teach and hope to see and meet more of you through the year.


Tonguç said...

Dear Mr.Forbrich,

It was a pleasure meeting you, I wish the best for you before your surgery and I hope to meet and host you in Istanbul for a seminar during 2009.

Warm regards from Istanbul,

Forbrich said...

It was indeed my pleasure to meet you. Thanks for the wishes, I'm sure I'll be walking better by the time we meet next. And yes, I'd be happy to bring a seminar to Istanbul - and to meet our colleagues in that city.

Ontario Emperor said...

I'll echo your positive comments about mentoring. I'm one of the non-technical attendees of Oracle OpenWorld (I will not be joining the ACE or ACE Director group any time soon), but I've found many of the participants to be especially helpful. If I tried to name them all I'd leave tons out, but I would like to single out Eddie Awad and Jake Kuramoto for special mention.

Forbrich said...

I'll make sure Eddie and Jake get the word. And on behalf of all of us who try to be mentors (or just generally helpful), thanks for noticing and mentioning it.

Also, don't count yourself out of the ACE crowd - if you are truly interested, I suggest we chat or email to see whether there is a way to demonstrate your area of expertise without needing to get deep in a specific technology.

Eddie Awad said...

It was my pleasure meeting with you guys. Looking forward to our next face to face get together. Hopefully sooner than October 2009.

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