Sunday, September 21, 2008

Things Oracle May or May Not Announce

Today was a day of product briefings. It was a long day starting with meeting fellow ACE Directors and getting some ideas of what is to come in the areas of database, app server, tools and even applications. One thing came through loud and clear - there will be some interesting announcements in all areas, many related to the recent BEA purchase.

Most of the announcements will end up with a strong ROI component. Going forward I think I'll be spending a fair amount of virtual ink looking at Return on Investment and why Admins (SysAdmins, DBAs, JEE Admins, etc.) should be interested in the topic.

Oracle released database patchset last week. Note to self: look at the new graphical Explain Plan in depth. It promises to be very very important for performance analysis.

On a more fun note, I finally met face to face with a few of the many OTN heroes. After many pleasant discussions on OTN forums and email, and threats to get together for a glass of wine or two, I got to meet Nicolas Gasparato. And Rob van Wijk. And ... I stop there, or I'll have listed hundred of names by the end of the week.

Today was the first time Lewis Cunningham, Tim Hall, Mark Rittman, Eddie Awad, Brown Bradley, Arup Nanda and I could meet before our Birds of a Feather session (#S300480) on Thursday at 10:30. I am really looking forward to that.

Tomorrow will be a busy day!

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Rob van Wijk said...

It was nice meeting you too!