Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Morgan's Library

Many of you know that I provide Oracle training. As such, I use any and all resources I can get my fingers on.

One of the most important resources for me is Dan Morgan's library of information about Oracle SQL, PL/SQL and various features.

I am pleased to note that Dan has a new URL for his library. which promises to provide even more great information.


Aman.... said...

I completely agree that its a wonderful resource. Once, I was talking about dbms_shared_pool package and it was not in the db. I had to create it but I didn't know the source file name for it. Used Morgan's library, in 1 minute , I got the name, dbmspool.sql.

Everything is fine but I really liked the previous color scheme better than this one. End users are never happy ;-) .


samantha said...

Thank you for sharing this great fountain with us.I loved it. Thank you for having the courage to be real......
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