Monday, April 20, 2009

News galore

I was going to blog about my recent trip to Santiago and the Chilean Oracle Users Group. My thanks for a wonderful reception and great time by the CLOUG and especially to Francisco Munoz Alvarez ( for all the hard work. And also to Oracle Technology Network team for their support and effort in getting a bunch of us Oracle ACE and ACE Directors coordinated and on site. Some of the details available on other blogs, such as Tim Hall's at

I understand there is to be 'round two' in November ... I'll be back!

As enjoyable and fulfilling as that was, I need to sit back and absorb the really big news.

While in Chile, I had the opportunity to have dinner with two people I respect a lot in the Oracle world - Tim Hall and Graham Wood. Graham was there for the Exadata launch, and that took us to the topic of storage and storage vendors. I mentioned in passing that "If Sun is being sold anyway, I'd think there would be no better buyer than Oracle." (The discussion, as so often happens, turned down a side path to RAC and interconnect and the like.) Indeed, I see many, many positives for the industry and very few (if any) negatives to the deal.

For all those doubting Thomases, I have to point to the Peoplesoft, Siebel, Hyperion acquisitions to form a definitive statement about Oracle's ability to make M&A work in this industry.

Needless to say, on first blush I am excited.


Anonymous said...

Wonder if Oracle will keep or layoff thousands of Sun employees as part of the deal?

Ben Prusinski said...

Greetings Hans,

Was nice to meet you at CLOUG in Chile. Yes, this is interesting to see what happens with the Oracle and Sun deal especially in light of the recent Exadata machine with HP.

Forbrich said...

Anonymous - Why home in on the Sun employees?

Yes, I do believe there will be layoffs as part of the final amalgamation. Sadly.

No, I do not believe the layoffs will be restricted to Sun employees.

I suspect that some Sun, Oracle, former BEA, Hyperion and others will feel the adjustment in corporate focus and direction. In the end a lot of extremely tough decisions will be made - likely some I will agree with and some I will find truly inexplicable.

My heart goes out to those who face uncertainty, especially in these economically uncertain times. I've been there and survived and even grew through the experience, and I refuse to participate in any premature mourning.

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