Saturday, September 19, 2009

New policy on comments

Comments in Asian languages have been appearing on my blog over the past months. Using Google translation indicates that these are spam, trojan or other unwanted or potentially nasty texts.

As a result, I have enabled moderation for the comments, and I will not accept any in languages other than English.

Sorry ...


Aman Sharma said...

For exactly the very same reason, I have enabled comment moderation on my blogs. What I don't get is that why would some one want to waste his time doing all such kind of useless tasks?


Forbrich said...

About the 'waste of time' question:

Since it's attached to a 'legit' site, it may prompt a reader to click to a nasty site;

It's probably not a person, but some form of 'bot'. Doing this is a great way of testing malicious software;

For some people, time is all they have to waste.

Laurent Schneider said...

Tja, ich wollte gerade etwas auf Deutsch schreiben, schade ;-)

Personnaly I do not like comment moderation for the following reasons:
1) you post your comments and someone made the same comment, so it reduce interactivity between commentator

2) if my comment get not published, I imagine the blog owner did not like it, so less freedom in the comments

but I know it sucks with blogger, switch to your own domain and use Wordpress+Askimet

Forbrich said...

I really do not like moderation either.

The main purpose here is to ensure that people who trust me do not end up being recipients of malware or unacceptable material.

I used a translation tool to review comments in Korean that were appearing several times a week against my "Why do they always ask for version information?" blog. The comments were pornographic in nature and certainly not in context to the blog. IIRC, there were also links to malware sites.

Needless to say, I agree with your concern about suppressing contrary opinion. I'll look into your suggestion about Wordpress - I'll put that on my 'to do' list.