Tuesday, September 22, 2009

New test provider for Oracle Certification exams

Oracle has recently announced that Pearson VUE will take care of the logistics for Oracle's Certification exams. (See http://education.oracle.com ... look at the Certification link on the left edge.)

Anyone who has had a Prometric ID needs to register with VUE before taking any new exams. This blog presents my experience in that registration process.

Sep 19, 2009 9:33 PM

Started my process today - new user to VUE. The objective is to create my account, but not schedule an exam.

Action: Go to http://www.vue.com - I want to create an account, closest button is perhaps 'Sign In'? Click on it.
Observation: Greeted with "What type of test have you taken in the past?" and a cluttered cascading list-of-values screen
(I'm not interested in taking a test yet - want to create an account!)

Action: Select IT / Oracle
Observation: Greeted with 'Oracle Certification Testing - Schedule an Exam" page. There is no 'create account' button on the 'Activity' page.

Action: Select 'My Account' ... perhaps that will have a 'create' step.
Observation: Greeted with "What type of exam are you wishing to change?" .. still no 'create account' link

Action: Select 'Proctored' exam (only link available other than same buttons from prev page that didn't appeal last time.)
Observation: Greeted with "Sign In" page, with a link for First time users to 'create a new web account'

Action: Select that link
Observation: Form to fill in, including 'Oracle Candidate ID'

Action: Fill in the blanks, assume Prometric ID is Oracle Candidate ID, click Next
Observation: 'Web Account will be emailed within 24 hours'

Action: we wait

Sep 22, 2009 8:55 AM
Observation: Email received at 06:23 with new username and temp password
- no choice to use a specific userid. Oh well, guess this one get written down!

Action: log in, forced change of password
- password strength is monitored. good thing I have a strong one in my standard rep

Concluding comments:

My first name, middle initial and last name (for printing in certificate) have been converted to lower case, with no opportunity to correct that. (I know I entered them in mixed case.) The personal profile page indicates that I must contact customer service to fix that. (LOL)

None of my test history is transferred. The page does indicate it is 'history of tests with Pearson VUE', so I'm not sure whether that matters yet.

This was a moderately painless 'first registration' with VUE. Just took a bit of time and patience.

Hope this helps others

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