Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Oracle Support - Classic is no more, BUT ...

... the HTML Options is now available!

Many of us who use Oracle Support have been warned for the past few months about the transition from Metalink Classic to the new Flash-based MyOracle Support.

There is a fairly extensive thread on the Community Forum of Oracle Forums about this, with quite a few of us expressing our disappointment that Oracle decided to use Flash. Although Flash has the potential for providing a richer user experience, many of us commented that the lack of performance and the fancy effects available were serious impediments to using Oracle Support.

Last week we were informed that Metalink Note / MyOracle Support Doc Id 841061.1 - Classic MetaLink and My Oracle Support Transition Information Page - was updated to include a section on "My Oracle Support HTML Option (for non-Flash Player Environments)".

In a nutshell, when I use a browser that does not have Flash (or in which Flash is disabled/blocked), pretty much all the original Metalink Classic capability seems to be retained - at least everything I needs stays. The missing part is the stuff that I am not allowed to use, by corporate policy, in any case.

I'd like to thank Oracle Support for listening.

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