Tuesday, October 13, 2009

OracleVM - making my jaw drop

Last night I went to the Oracle Open WorldLinux Installfest hosted by OTN and Todd Trichler. In part due to a mix-up in communications about where it was held, the turnout was disappointing underwhelming, however the session was taped and should be available to spool at some time.

Wim Coekaerts and several of the FOSS team were there giving some presentations and demos. This stuff got my attention!

First and foremost, OracleVM 2.2 is right around the corner. Apparently the code has been submitted to the delivery team and should be ready to download in the next few days. I've got some significant hardware that's been sitting semi-idle (only used for testing) for 4 months now waiting for this release. So, perhaps I'll be able to download when I return home this weekend.

Second was a demo of a new system packager. Drag and drop systems (WLS, DB, RAC, OHS, client, apps) into the GUI and get the builder template. I'm going to go over the video in detail when I get my hands on it - this is to dream for.

My jaw dropped, and my brains (such as they are) froze when they discussed a JavaVM / WebLogic Server effectively as a standalone DomU. The implications of this are staggering.

The OracleVM Management Pack looks like it will provide the complete OracleVM Manager functionality inside of the OEM Grid Control. The only hiccup I see is that we need to choose between OracleVM Manager and the Management Pack. I'm going to study this in detail in the very near future.

Wim sounds very very excited about the things VirtualIron will bring to OracleVM 3.0. No secrets were revealed, but there were a couple of sparkles in his eyes. My curiosity is definitely peaked. (Actually, you need to put that into context - he's probably the most laid-back person in all of Oracle)

There was a whole lot more, including confirmation that ACFS (ASM Cluster File System) and ocfs2 do not compete - ocfs2 is for files, acfs is for database/ASM. And interesting tidbits about the projects Linux kernel maintainers work on while working for Oracle.

It never fails to amaze me how much Oracle contributes to the FOSS. (And how much the FOSS community under-appreciates, and even fears, Oracle.)

In any case - 'cause I'll likely never get my hands on an Exadata-2 - so far the biggest solid (non-Apps) news for me out of Oracle Open World has been the Linux and OracleVM news.

*UPDATE* You can watch the Install Fest through Oracle's OnDemand Flash feed (http://www.oracle.com > click on the "Big Picture" > On Demand (in the Flash player) > scroll down to Install Fest) or go to

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