Thursday, October 15, 2009

Red Pill, Blue Pill

With acknowledgment to the writers of Matrix, parts of this Oracle Open World left me with the feeling that I could chose the Blue Pill and continue with 'life as we know it' or chose the Red Pill and wake up to a new reality.

Surprisingly, the big announcements in database have very little to do with database. If anything, the core tech announcements around database have everything to do with backing off and letting the database do what it does best. In particular I'm talking about the directions I see both OracleVM and Oracle Clusterware heading.

Over the past month I've been looking at 11gR2 and starting to look at RAC in that version. On the surface, the story seems 'more of the same'. Bigger, better, badder RAC. Since Oracle9i I've been teaching and consulting on RAC, and the constant story I've spooled has been 'get the infrastructure right, pay attention to the clusterware because it'll make or break the RAC'.

With 11gR2, Oracle has been concentrating on the Clusterware to a level I've not seen before. Grid Plug and Play; Multiple Public Interface; SCAN; no need to highlight the Private IP - once they've been shaken out in the real work, I can tell "there are a few of my favorite things".

Between OracleVM 2.2, the directions for OracleVM 3.0, and Oracle Clusterware, it promises to be a very interesting year coming up.

(And this is from a database guy ...)

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