Friday, November 13, 2009

My Oracle Support is Web 2.0

My Oracle Support has been upgraded. There are pains in the upgrade.

The Oracle people are working very hard at getting over the pains. And they are blogging about it, much in the defense of the new system.

IN particular, Richard Millar writes a decent set of comments at

In the comments following the blog, he makes some very interesting statement about the technology and tech choices. Why Flash, for example.

Here is my response (also posted as a comment to his Blog - so let's keep the discussion over there ...):

You write that "Older ADF 10 and HTML DB are very limited (or impossible) for Web 2.0 type interactions (and if we can get past the production bugs, I think you might find these new features valuable!)."

There is a HUGE assumption about the way we work in that statement.

Web 2.0 has it's place. Even with Support.

But not all of us need, want, or can benefit from Web 2.0 The problem is that Web 2.0 makes assumptions about the way we want to, or need to, work. And that means the design team is pigeon-holing the user community.

Think of it this way - Web 1.0 is command line, web 2.0 is GUI. GUI is 'friendly'. Command line, once learned, is 'efficient'.

There is a significant amount that can be done with Web 1.0. And much of that can be done faster and at a MUCH lower costs to both your side and ours.

Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 can coexist, just as command line and GUI can coexist.


Martin Berger said...

I totally agree with you here!
Just one side-note: Oracle called MetaLink also "2.0" - but I does not remember, what was "1.0" in those days.

Forbrich said...

IIRC, 1.0 was simply WebIV and not directly available to the customers.

But I could be wrong. Since I was 'inside' in those days, I used WebIV and was ignorant of the support benefits and issues available externally.