Friday, November 13, 2009

My Oracle Support survey

schavali has the following excellent suggestion at


I would encourage all that are facing issues to provide feedback to Oracle in one or more of the following ways -

1. Use the "Contact Us" link in MOS (which creates a non-technical SR)
2. Respond to blog posts at the Support blog sites - and
3. Respond to survey being run by Daniel Fink -
4. If your organization has an Oracle Service Delivery Manager, pl send him/her an email requesting that your feedback be forwarded on to Support Management.


According to Richard Miller's response to me in the comments, those of us who do not use Flash are in the minority and the majority seem to be quite happy with the new MOS Web 2.0 user experience.

I would certainly encourage responding to the survey. (Daniel Fink's MOS survey)

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