Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Single Sign On or Same Sign On?

Just thinking aloud ... one of the things Oracle has introduced is 'userid consistency' across their applications. This is called 'SSO'.

I thought that SSO stood for 'Single Sign On', and the functionality is 'sign on once and use all applications'.

I am finding it actually means 'Same Sign On' and the functionality is 'log in to each of the the different applications one at time, using the same userid & password'. However, signing out does efficiently log me off all applications.

Still trying to get my head around the reason, and the benefit, of this. I'm sure it'll come to me.


Noons said...

I admire your optimism...

Forbrich said...

Noons! I'm honoured.

Having discussed things with you on CDOS, etc over the years, all I can sayu is ...

What an incredibly polite way of putting it. :-)

Gasparotto Nicolas said...

I had similar comment last year when the Global Customer Support has been moved to Metalink3. The SSO of Metalink3 was shared with SSO of OTN...
Remember the discussion :
Now, it is for all, now it is for everything as well.
Rather annoying, isn't it ?


Forbrich said...

Nice to hear fro you as well Nicolas.

Not quite the same discussion, but also relevant.

This one is about logging in to Certview or OTN or my Partner apps and then needing to log in to Support - even though all of them use the same ID and it's all in the same browser session.