Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dashboard - getting closer ... updated 3x

I note this morning that the MOS dashboard 'Site Alert' that leads me to the migration FAQ has been dropped.

Thank you. It is appreciated. (update: I think...)

Two more things to do about Site Alerts:

  1. Allow user to reduce the number of lines for the site alert, or allow it to be collapsed unless these is new information, or make it optional;
  2. Select alerts based on user language settings so that only useful alerts (ones the user can understand) are displayed.
This is going to be a long process if we end up at 2-3 weeks per region ...

Update: The "Migration of Classic MetaLink Users to My Oracle Support: Top Frequently Asked Questions" site alert is back. On SupportHTML I see a date of Nov 18th.

Update 2: The foreign language entry no longer shows up on either Flash or ADF version.

I hope they are not just fooling me. I'll leave this for a week to determine whether this is indeed a step forward.

Update 3: 2009 12 13 - the foreign language info is back.


Patrick said...

Thank you so much for all your comments. Ditto on FAQ being dropped! PH

Forbrich said...

And thanks for your support.

Mike Charchuk said...

While I lost the original 'Migration of Class...' site alert earlier today I still had the one in Japanese(?).

I just logged back into and both are now back. Do you still not have the old site alerts?

Forbrich said...

In Flash I only have the foreign language alert. (I assume it is important for someone.)

In HTML the old FAQ still shows up, just as you said. Thanks for noticing.

Of course, these different UIs are probably handled by different people and different groups. (Ugh!)