Friday, February 05, 2010

And yet another

Another side effect of not having a Back button usable in MOS-F - I had written a reply and some suggestions to the MOS Communities discussion about the new Health Checks.

The session hung.

In a normal browser environment, I would have hit Back, copied my text to a safe place (Notepad), and tried again (perhaps later knowing that Communities is about to undergo some shutdowns this weekend).

In this environment, the feedback is lost forever.

Perhaps that was the intent ...


Martin Berger said...

I might sound a little bit picky, but you can just refuse to use this 'community' (for technical reasons).
I still does not see the reason why to use the MOS-'community' there are enough good oracle-communities out there, better accessable :-)

Forbrich said...

Valid point Martin.

And yet, simply walking away from one of the tools Oracle offers us is not, in my mind, the best way to use the tools.

My hope is that my feedback will provide some insight into the (or simply 'a') user's thought processes and perhaps be used to improve the tool.

As for better community - there are some topics that you simply do not find discussed outside MOS Communities.

23lola23 said...

It does that from time to time and can be immensely frustrating.

It seems to be a victim of both a short timeout (for instance any time I type a reply that takes more than 5min as I am trying to find a document to refer them to, it won't update and everything typed is gone).
And of course it is the victim of MOS being a mess - and thus from time to time, it just doesn't work properly and what was typed is gone.

I've started getting in the habit of doing a full text copy before i click update lest I end up having completely wasted my time. :) - but one has to be pretty determined to do that. I think most would hit this bug a few times and be done with it - finding the community site not worth the frustration.

Joel Garry said...

Yes, 23lola23 has my sentiments exactly.

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Joel Garry said...

Another wonderful bug, known by Oracle, but I'm whining here in case someone else hasn't hit it yet.

When Oracle support runs their collaboration software on your PC so you can show them whatever problem, and you have an SR open in MOS flash, the scroll bars disappear from your MOS flash session. So you can't see the SR that you are working on.

Keep your SR locally before they run the https://strtc...

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Joel Garry said...

Looked at the metalink document tracing problems(870864.5), it says the back button is fixed. Is it?

That document doesn't have dates fixed in it. It didn't work for me last week.

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Forbrich said...

Joel: I've noticed that the Back button does indeed have *some* functionality.

Whether it actually goes 'back' for all screens in another question.

Thanks for keeping your comments coming.

I'm currently in the 'frustrated' category mentioned by 23lola23 and have not used communities for a few weeks.

Richard said...

This back button not working is gotten out of control. It WAS working, but I think when the big Orion cutover happened, this somehow got lost. I am going to escalate this again for our next release. It drives me nuts too.