Friday, February 05, 2010

Another look at the MOS Certify UI

Another set of Certify UI discussions has been announced for Feb 16th. Details later in this blog...

I still dislike the My Oracle Support Flash version, but that does not stop me from providing suggestions and feedback on the UI. Indeed, I have encountered even more reasons and opportunities to both dislike the interface and provide (hopefully constructive) feedback.

The latest is that I find MOS-F very very susceptible to local network traffic.

Since they postpone some of the look-up traffic, and perhaps even some of the software traffic, until needed, I find that when I want to access something that has a lookup (such as the list of values for Patch filters), the performance is directly affected by the total network traffic on the internet pipe. In a classroom of 15-20 attendees, all using Microsoft or Cisco remote desktop or VNC to a remote site, the delays in my additional MOS-F session become very noticeable.

The alternate is to use the non-Flash (ADF-based) site at which is becoming more and more attractive every day. Even though is less exciting, it is only marginally less functional for my needs.

That said, the MOS-F team IS trying to address the issues and is trying to provide us with opportunities to give feedback. For that, they have announced another round of Certify UI dial-in forums.

The invitation apparently is not important enough to make it as MOS News or as MOS Community News. You can find it in the MOS Communities "Using My Oracle Support" forum under Featured Discussion title " Seeking Customers to Participate in Certify user interface reviews Feb 16 and Feb17 ". With TonyC's permission, the core of the invite is

The Oracle product team developing the enhanced Certify capability in My Oracle Support is looking for customers to review a Certify user interface redesign. If your job responsibility is to understand what products and hardware are certified for use with the Oracle products in your environment, we invite you to join one of the following web conferences:

Session 1: Application user experience

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 at 9am Pacific.

Session 2: Data Base and Middleware user experience

Wednesday, February 17, 2010 at 9am Pacific

They have my input from previous 2 hours of 1-on-1 discussion, so I don't need to attend. Now it's 'your turn'.

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