Saturday, April 03, 2010

Oracle 11gR2 for Windows is out

###Update - the 32-bit version is also available now.###

Released this morning. Details are

Download from

And according to

* Windows Server 2003 - all editions
* Windows Server 2003 R2 - all editions
* Windows XP Professional
* Windows Vista - Business, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions
* Windows Server 2008 - Standard, Enterprise, Datacenter, Web, and Foundation editions. The Server Core option is not supported.
* Windows 7 - Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate editions

Note: Check My Oracle Support (formerly OracleMetaLink) for more information about Hyper-V support.

No discussion in doc or in Support about 2008R2, even though it is a different core to 2008 (same difference as Vista to Windows7).

The release information discusses both32 and 64 bit. Keep checking for the 32 bit download if you need that.

Install guide is at

The database software is in 2 zip files, which include the database and companion distribution. Unzip them both into the same directory.

When you get the software, MAKE SURE you get the deinstall download as well. It is the only correct way to remove the software, and (on the *nix platforms) it does an excellent job.

ASM is moved to the Clusterware, so if you want ASM you will need to get the Clusterware s/w and install that first.


Paul said...

The win32 versions are accessable...

Forbrich said...

LOL. For people who want to risk things, a bit of URL fiddling will get to them as well.

My question is: Why has Oracle not posted the URLs? (OR: Is there any possibility of getting something I really should not have, or breaking my machine if I get that software?)

Funny, because DBAs, SAs and any other 'operations administrators' tend to be extremely conservative and risk adverse.

Paul said...

I would agree entirely.

But to get some training in ahead of time on a test system can't do any harm.

Well except for wasting your time and bandwidth.

Forbrich said...
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bobby said...

hello paul ,
I was going thru your blog and saw you teach oracle also.
I have been given the task of training on oracle for a group .
I was wondering that how much days of linux training should you give to a person who only know windows and then hook him to oracle on linux .
With oracle on windows one has to concentrate on oracle only but when you have to bring in linux its quite hassling to decide how much of linux and how much of oracle dba should be there .
I would appreciate advice from a expereinced professional like you .

thank you

Forbrich said...


Linux training is a separate issue from Database training.

I always prefer teaching an Oracle-on-Linux class when all attendees have at least a week experience with command line.

However, I frequently get attendees who have no experience at all, and we get through. One of my more common tricks is to provide a Windows machine as well as the Linux machine, let the attendee use browser-based DB Control as well as SQLDeveloper, and provide individual guidance on the Linux command line aspect.

It is truly amazing how little you need to know about the operating system to 'get by'. On the other hand, get 'be professional' takes a completely different level of understanding.

The biggest issue is to decide how much Linux to teach. If using some IDE (KDE, Gnome), consider teaching gedit and ignoring vi. (I hate that idea, but it may be useful.)

You need to decide your long term objectives and build the course around that.

JDE Training said...

Finally Oracle 11gR2 is out for there a documentation for this version?

Maddy said...

Does oracle 11gR2 work in Windows 7...??