Friday, April 23, 2010

Quick reminder - Oracle 'hosted' sites

As much a reminder for myself, as a quick listing of the official Oracle websites:

Product info:
Oracle =
Oracle Technet =

Software and Docs
Electronic delivery of software =
Developer license downloads =
Documentation main site = (all docs)
Searchable doc site = (DB, AS, Beehive)

Education and Certification
Education =
Certification requirements =
View YOUR Certification =
Understanding database =

Support, patches, knowledge base
Support =
Support - non-Flash =

Wiki =
Forums =
Oracle (employee) blogs =
Oracle Support (moderated) =

Shop online =

Usable & demo sites
Application Express =
Sales =
"Semi-semantic" news filter =

Feel free to add others in the comments and I'll update the main list. (I'll create a separate entry for Useful Oracle-related Sites and Useful Oracle-related Lists)


Kamran Agayev A. said...

Thanks for the listing Hans

Gasparotto Nicolas said...


Forbrich said...

Thanks Nicolas. Added it to this list.

I'm undecided whether that will stay in this blog or move to a 'Third Party Oracle-related' list. Advice either way?

Aman Sharma said...

Eddie put together such a good listing few months back.


Joel Garry said... seems to point at now, I'm not sure whether it is just a restatement of your blog post here.

What happened to ?

word: spentedo

Forbrich said...

Thanks Joel.

Yes, and are aliases for . Many of the ones I listed are indeed simply redirects on 'big IP'.

There are a few interesting sites like the webarchive one you mention. Some are out of date. And mine is simply handy for me ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thanxs for the Post.

Oracle Applications

Rutuja Deshmukh said...

this is a good list for oracle post

oracle fussion middleware