Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Latin America OTN Tour is finished

And now I have the time to write the blog, including photos. So I'll do that - day by day.

What was the LAD Tour? Initiated by fellow ACE Director Francisco Alvarez, the tour was "7 one day OTN presentations by 5 ACE directors, in 2 weeks."

Although the exact number of people presenting in person and by webinar varied from city to city, the core group was Francisco Alvarez (DB), Daniel Morgan (DB), Ben Prusinski (DB, EBiz), Ronald Bradford (MySQL) and myself (DB, Spatial, Fusion Middleware)

Each day will get it's own blog post, but the general sketch of the tour is

Oct 8-10: Arrive in Peru
Oct 11-12: Peru
Oct 13-14: Chile
Oct 15-16: Uruguay
Oct 17-18: Brazil
Oct 19-20: Colombia
Oct 21-22: Ecuador
Oct 23 : Ecuador break
Oct 24-25: Costa Rica
Oct 26-27: Costa Rica wrap and return

Due to (time to arrange) Visa issues, I attended Brazil by Webinar while enjoying Uruguay.

Most of the presentations will be available from the User Group web sites at some time in the future.

Bottom line is that I want to thank Francisco Alvarez of DBIS for all the hard planning up front, the OTN Team (especially Lillian) for their support, my colleagues and friends who presented with me, and most of all my new friends, the leaders and executives of the 7 User Groups.

I am truly exhausted. And exhilarated. And happy that we did this. And sad that it's over.

But most of all, I am proud to be part of the success called OTN and the ACE program.

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