Monday, January 30, 2012

Oracle Support - First Impressions

Today is the first day of the rest of our lives. Make it a good day ... 

Just logged on to the new My Oracle Support at using Firefox 9.0.1 and Chrome 16. ... So far so interesting. As compared to my response to the Flash version, I am pleased to give this a passing grade.

Both browsers provide very snappy response, so the ADF implementation seems reasonably good. ADF is assumed since the URL references 'faces'. If true, this will be a great poster child for ADF and hopefully Oracle will provide some details - version of ADF, coding techniques, lessons learned.

On Firefox, I was greeted by a Personalization display to verify my information. Apparently Canada no longer has provinces, as that dropdown is greyed out. I'll assume an early implementation quirk.

Browser BACK BUTTON WORKS! At least for those areas I tried. Thank You!


We still are forced to see "News" and "Getting Started". Hopefully these boxes will become intelligent but at least we can minimize them.

However: Psych 101 - excessively repeated exposure results in ignoring the message.


Using the Knowledge Browser is amusing. First text box is 'Product Name' with autocomplete and type-ahead search. So type in 'Server' and instead of seeing Oracle Server, the company's bread and butter, we start up with all sorts of application server variants. Type in 'Database' and you still scroll down several pages to see that which the probable majority of MOS users will be needing. How about a check-box quick filter on "x Applications x Tools x Management x Middle Tier x Data Tier" to assist?

That said, it is fun to use the multiple box entry technique to get to Certify in stead of clicking the Certify tab. Seriously, though, I can see how this browser will help. Still a bit crude, but in the right direction.

Service Requests:

Looks clean. Right now I have no need to open a SR - and don't particularly want to have a need.

Patches and Updates:

Looks identical to the old HTML. Which is great, because that is the most important area of MOS for me, and the HTML version (especially the quick links section) was by far the most usable part of MOS. Also much more responsive than before.


I am reasonably pleased with the changes introduced in the Certifications area last year. Still a bit confusing, but very very functional. And also very responsive.

For the other screens, I can only comment on the clean lines, quick update response and general appearance. The look and feel is professional and clean - I wonder whether Oracle will allow us to use custom CSS to tailor that LAF?

First impressions are favorable. Now to see how it works in real life ... we have all experienced released Prototype code before which falls flat under production load and exceptions. Somehow I get the impression this will not be Prototype code.


Noons said...

Does Oracle still sell/support the database?
One would never guess, from the difficulty in selecting it in all the cacophony of dropdowns on completely unrelated and irrelevant subjects in MOS...

Fuzzy GreyBeard said...

I suspect they do still sell it. And for Support ... well, they generate a lot of patches so I hope it's supported.

But yes, some method of setting context would be nice. A 'quick setting' for the session that allows you to indicate which of the areas (plural) you are interested in:

Middle Tier
Operating System

seem to cover it for me...