Friday, March 23, 2012

Exciting news about Oracle and OL/RHEL 6

Hot stuff! Thanks to Mark Bobak for letting us know on Oracle-L.

Oracle just announced that the Oracle Database and Fusion Middleware are now supported on RedHat 6 and Oracle Linux 6.

Timing-wise, distros and installations with the Oracle UEK2 (therefore Oracle Linux) are basically supported now, and those based on the standard RH kernel (both OL6 and RHEL 6) will be fully supported in 90 days,

While good news, I would be careful to jump too fast on a regular kernel installation for an ASM environment until we know exactly how the ASMLib support will proceed. Until now, changing kernel has forced a change in the ASMLib. And that has required finding and downloading the kernel-matching ASM libraries OR using a completely separate way of handling ASM presentation (UDEV) which is immensely more error-prone. Until we understand what has changed there, I recommend caution.  Of course, searching for the ASMLib is easier if you start from

And the announcement mentions that the free public YUM server ( is being enhanced.  (That is one service people keep overlooking.)

Thanks, Oracle! :-)

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