Monday, April 23, 2012

Collaborate 2012 - Day 0

Officially Collaborate 2012 starts Monday.  However, in the tradition of "thread the best before, during and after", the really deep dive sessions started Sunday.

Since I am in the chorus for Edmonton Opera's  staging of Beethoven's Fidelio (April 21, 24, 26), and it's no fun being an opera widow (as actors/singers tend to focus on the show this close to performance) I asked my wife to go ahead to Las Vegas on Friday afternoon and meet me there.

Side note:  Opening of Fidelio was fantastic.  A fitting thank you to Brian Deedrick, former artistic director of Edmonton Opera and opera director superb-lious,  and Peter Dala, former music director and chorus master of Edmonton Opera and musician extraordinaire.  I know the entire chorus joins me wishing Brian and Peter all the best in their future.

I arrived at the Mandalay Sunday around 9:30 AM, completed my hotel check-in (early room availability was not requested), met with my lovely wife for coffee, then picked up my Collab registration badge, and went to the show.

First session I attended:  Alex Gorbachev's excellent discussions around ultra high availability: the first part I managed to see was on the impact of multiple disk failure in an ASM environment, and why ASM Normal and even High redundancy are important protections against data loss.  That was followed by his discussion around Data Guard.

My partner, Nelson Calero from Uruguay, met up with me in Alex' session.  Both of us found the information very useful. 

At lunch, our other partner, Edelweiss Kammermann, also from Uruguay (and Nelson's life partner) joined us and we met up with Arjen from DBVisit.  I first met Arjen in Santiago , Chile at the forst OTN Latin America session.

DBVists fits very well with Alex Gorbachev's discussion, as their primary product is a very cost effective equivalent for Oracle Data Guard for Standard Edition.  

After lunch, off to Tom Kyte, Graham and Andrew's session on performance tactics in the database.  Very interesting demo proving that increasing connections in a connection-pool based application can be counter-productive.  This presentation will be repeated as a road show - if you hear about it, GO!  I know that it will be presented through the Uruguay Oracle User's Group in August.

A big benefit of conferences like Collaborate is networking, so we went to the opening mixer.  The annual awards were handed out - congratulations to Arup Nanda, Rich Niemec, and posthumously to Mark Townsend, who received the Ken Jacobs award.  Ken Jacobs himself received the award in Mark's memory.  All three awards richly deserved.

Dinner at the Lupo by Wolfgang Puck with Susanne, Edelweiss, Nelson, and our good friend Kai Yu.

Moderately early to bed, as the only sleep after the opening of Fidelio was on the plane from Edmonton to Las Vegas.

Long, but absolutely amazingly fantastic, weekend.

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