Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Collaborate 2012 - Day 1

Monday was a busy day. 

In preparation for my OBIEE-Spatial presentation, I looked through the onsite bookstore.  And, of course, bought more books than I had intended - including the excellent "Business Dashboards: A Visual Catalog for Design and Deployments" which provides some interesting ideas and variants in designing Dashboards. 

After my OBIEE presentation, I dashed to the Mandalay Bay C to present an overview of LDAP for Oracle DBAs.  Rushed it a lot, as the confirmation email from the Collab organizers indicated the session was from 12:15-12:45, but the attendees insisted that the official schedule went to 1:15 and they insisted on listening right to the end. 

Both presentations are available for download from the IOUG Collaboration 2012 site.

After that I rushed over to listen to Edelweiss Kammermann present "BI Publisher 11g - Only good news".  As usual, Edelweiss gave an interesting and very informative presentation which provided the highlights of the changes in BI Publisher, and you could really tell that she spoke from experience. 
I was most impressed at the number of attendees to her session, especially since Mark Rittman had an OBIEE presentation at the same time, in the next room. 

I did get to see Mark Rittman's presentation on Tips for Administering OBIEE.  I have some customers who have been asking for exactly that, and there are few courses and even fewer books on the topic.  I would have no challenge filling 3-4 days of discussion on that, and was impressed at how much Mark got into his 1 hour.

Over to Mandalay Bay C again to see Nelson Calero discuss MySQL Administration for Oracle DBAs.  One word: Wow!  Nelson has promised to follow up with a series of Webinars - we'll announce those on the UYOUG web site, and other places as well.

Capped it off with a wonderful view from the Mix at the top of TheHotel.

 Collaborate 2012, for me, was too short.  Indeed, I needed to leave Tuesday morning to be back on stage Tuesday evening with the Edmonton Opera.  Thus I missed a number of excellent presentations and a lot of great networking opportunities.

Thanks to the IOUG and the organizers for Collaborate 2012 for the opportunity.

Now off to write my submissions for DOAG 2012 in November, UKOUG 2012 in December, and for the OTN Tour in India next February.

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