Wednesday, June 20, 2012

OEM Pack Cost Myth resurfacing ...

Discussion yesterday:  "OEM Grid Control / Cloud Control is expensive!  You have to pay for the Packs to make it useful.  You don't need to pay for the Diagnostics Pack in Database Control."

Sorry folks - that is totally incorrect. 

The DB Diagnostics Pack and the SQL Tuning Pack (as well as other packs) are options added to the database.  To use them, you need to pay for them.

These packs happen to collect information.  Accessing that information (using the views) requires a license, and [in production] you (usually) need to pay for that license. 

It does not matter whether you use Database Control or Grid/Cloud Control to display the contents of those views as rows/columns, or as alert messages, or as charts or graphs.  You still need to license it.

From the Database side, see the Licensing document at the doc home page (for 11gR2 see

From the OEM side, see the Licensing document found through ttp:// (for 12c, see


Noons said...

Alternatively, use Statspack (free) and Mumbai (free) to analyze the results. ;-D
Oh, and Mumbai works as well with AWR!

Joel Garry said...

But if you use Mumbai with AWR, you still have to pay. It's the access to the tables you pay for.

It's like the free beach on Lanai - you'll have to pay Larry to go potty.

not a robot

Fuzzy GreyBeard said...

While I agree that Statspack is a possibility, it does not provide nearly the metrics that can be collected by AWR. Difference between free and for-fee, I guess. Not to mention that Statspack (as well as many other tools) create DB overhead by using SQL to gather the stats.

Also: display and analysis of the metrics - whether collected by statspack or MON and dumped into AWR - can be handled by a number of tools, some of which are better than AWR/ASH/ADDM, and some being much worse.

But my point is that Diag Pack needs to be licensed (the same sway) for Database Control as well as Grid/Cloud control. The Grid Control is NOT more expensive than Database Control because of the Diag Pack.

In fact, if you consider the CPU resources chewed up by Database Control and realize that you've paid for them in 'per-CPU' DB license, you may indeed be able to pay for Diag Pack by switching to Grid Control and recovering the CPU cycles for Database purposes instead of monitoring.