Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oracle Database Applicance - SWEET!

Last week I taught the Oracle University RAC class in Victoria, BC.  On Thursday, I took my class on a field trip ...

The Victoria Oracle Users Group brought in Dan Morgan to chat about the Oracle Database Appliance.  They lent him one to demonstrate during his presentation.

The ODA is about the same size and weight as my NetApp F810 Filer which has about 1 TB of disk. 

However - the ODA has 4TB of active data disk triple mirrored (eg: 12TB with plenty of redundancy in case of disk failure).  It includes 2 completely separate computers (nodes) each with 2x 6-core CPUs,  96 GB RAM, a 1GB cluster interconnect with redundancy, and gobs of 1GBethernet connectivity.  All on Oracle Linux 5 update 8.  With the Oracle DB as well as Oracle Grid Infrastructure and RAC s/w staged to install as per your license agreement.

Installing and completely configuring a 2 node RAC using ODA involved:  the DBA and 2 hours from the time the DBA has access to the machine.

Building a 2-node RAC from scratch involves computer hardware, HBAs to SAN, sufficient SAN space, public NICs, private NICs and appropriate switch (not VLAN), and a team of experts in the OS, SAN and network areas (all of whom think they know better than Oracle on how a RAC works).  Nominally a few weeks of effort.

The only kicker is that the database must be under about 3.5TB.

And Dan's experience - NO ORA-00600 or ORA-07445 have happened since his installs last year.

Why am I talking about this?

I know of situations where an ODA would save customers much money, and seriously reduce the corporate investment in Tylenol (or other headache pain reliever).

I ALSO know that with ODA, the future of viable RAC-only consultancies is severely limited. 

(I'm hoping some of my customers pick up this post.  Mutual benefit - fewer concerns on my side, fewer outages and better reliability. Which is what RAC is SUPPOSED to provide.)

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