Sunday, September 30, 2012

IOUG Virtualization Sig - Expert Panel

Discussion around OracleVM, which has a no-Cost, no-Fee license.  You can optionally purchase support, however the product itself is $0.

- consists of one or more VM Servers, managed by one VM Manager.
- 3.1.1 is in production
- 3.2 is in beta

As of 3.1, VM Manager can be installed as a VM inside the VM Server. 

Is based on XEN, installs on bare metal (replaces an existing OS, just like to VMWare enterprise hypervisor), on install you have a Dom0 (Domain 'zero') which is a minimalist Linux used to provide core services to the active VMs.  Each Virtual machine is known as a 'DomU' (Domain 'User').

Moving from OracleVM 2.x to 3.x is a migration, not an upgrade.

Templates are available for many Oracle products.  Templates are similar in concept to Amazon Gold Images.  RAC template can be deployed in under an hour.

Can create VMs using P2V (Physical to Virtual) and V2V (Virtual to Virtual) utilities.  Possible to convert VMWare and VirtualBox VMs.

Management is through GUI.  You do not log in to VM Server and make OS command line changes.  However, 3.1 has a CLI that can be used on the server.  Also EM CLI can be used remotely.

For learning and testing, you can install OracleVM inside of VirtualBox.


3.x is available.  Also $0, no cost, no fee license.   Significant product, runs on top of an existing Windows / MacOSX / Linux environment.  It works.  I use it - a lot!

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