Saturday, September 29, 2012

OOW - Post 1 of many

For ACE Directors, OOW kicked off on Wednesday with Sofitel by Oracle HQ being a general collection point.  On Thursday and Friday we had briefings on many topics, from many product groups as well as from Thomas Kurian of Oracle.  Friday evening we shuttled to the Hilton San Francisco Union Square which we will call home for the next several days.

I'll be wandering around downtown San Francisco, attending events, talking, and generally having a great time.  Although this year is bittersweet with some important people missing.

For those who want to chat with me, here are some known times and locations:

     18:00-22:00 ACE Dinner (invitation only)

    10:45-12:00 at the RAC Attack table in the OTN Lounge

       8:45-  9:45 at Big Data SIG in Moscone West Level 3, Overlook 3
     10:15-11:30 at the RAC Attack table in the OTN Lounge
     16:30-18:30 at the Tweet Meet (meet the faces behind tweets) at OTN Lounge

     15:30-16:30 presenting ZFS (CON5101) at Moscone West - 3014
     17:30-19:00 at the Blogger's meetup (contact Pythian)

Other than that, at random I'll be
- at the OTN Lounge (tent) on Howard Street a lot,
- attending various Open World sessions,
- attending various IOUG SIG sessions
- over at the OakTable World (,
- and [other places] where there is beer to be found.

See you there.

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