Sunday, January 13, 2013

OTN Yathra

What does Yathra mean?

Yathra is a Sanskrit word which means Journey.  In the northern states of India Yathra is spelled as Yatra.

Why is this relevant?

Oracle Technology Network, and the Oracle ACE and ACE Director programs are sponsoring a 6 city OTN tour, or Yathra, in India this February. 
  • February 16 in Delhi
  • February 18 in Mumbai
  • February 20 in Pune
  • February 22 in Bangalore
  • February 25 in Hyderabad
  • February 27 in Chennai
And I'm going!  (Assuming my Visa application is approved.)  Speaker's list is
  • Speaker                           Country
  • Vinay Agrawal                  India
  • Hans Forbrich                  Canada
  • PS Janakiram                  India
  • Lucas Jellema                 Netherlands
  • Satyendra Kumar            India
  • Raj Matamall                   USA
  • Harshad Oak                   India
  • Edward Roske                 USA
  • Vijay Seghal                    India
  • Aman Sharma                 India
  • Vivek Sharma                  India
  • Ganapthy Subramanian  India
  • Murali Vallath                   India
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