Saturday, February 23, 2013

OTN Yathra - past the 1/2 way mark

I am currently sitting in the hotel in Bangalore in India, catching my breath. We have finished 4 of the 6 cities in this tour.

I'm going to cheat tremendously and link to Lucas Jellema's blog about the tour, starting with as the overview.

Shamelessly linking Lucas' map of the Yathra.

I arrived in Chandigarh, Punjab on February 10, and was met by Oracle ACE and friend Aman Sharma.  The trip:  left Edmonton on Friday evening, landed London Heathrow Saturday morning, left LHR Saturday evening, arrived Delhi Sunday morning, left Delhi Sunday afternoon and into Chandigarh early evening.

On Monday and Tuesday, much to my delight, Aman showed me his home country and local community.  And I did some shopping.

Wednesday, headed back to Delhi by taxi, and prepared for the gathering and presentations.

On Friday the team gathered at the Country Inn by Carlson in Saket.  ACE Director team members are

Murali Vallath - our host and RAC ACED from India
Lucas Jellema - Development ACED, including SQL and Java
Edward Roske - BI/Hyperion ACED, presenting on Hyperion, Essbase and BI
Raj Mattamal  - Development ACED, specializing in APEX
Hans Forbrich - Infrastructure ACED, presenting on LDAP, Cloud Control and Linux

In each city we have been fortunate to have ACEs such as Aman Sharma join us to present

Saturday was the first presentation day at the FMDI (Fertilizer Marketing Development Institute) which has wonderful classroom facilities.

Sunday, a quick tour of Delhi, off to the airport to Mumbai (formerly Bombay), and settle into the Holiday Inn.

Monday, presented using the facilities of the Women's Technical Institute, and then by car off to Pune.

Since we arrived in Pune Monday evening, Tuesday was a touring day out to Mahabalshawar and the head of the Krishna river.

Wednesday we presented in Pune at the Oracle offices.

Thursday by plane to Bangalore, and

Friday presented in the Oracle offices in Bangalore.  Lucas has a fantastic half-way write-up at

Raj and Edward left today to return home.

Tomorrow Lucas and I will head to Hyderabad and continue this tour.

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