Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Oracle Database 12c is 'out' - some pleasant surprises

Without fanfare, other than a "didyaknow" on Oracle-L, Oracle 12c for Linux and Solaris became available on Oracle's edelivery site.

Some time later, the docs showed up at http://www.oracle.com/pls/db121/homepage and via http://docs.oracle.com (but not yet on tahiti.oracle.com) and on OTN's http://download.oracle.com

My FIRST look at the documentation these days is at the Licensing guide.  For me, that's even more important than the New Features, the Concepts (especially the What's New chapter) and the Administrator's Guide.


Personal Edition For Linux!!!  It's here!


THANK YOU ORACLE.   And, since I was able to peek at the product early, that is the first of MANY thanks.


Update:  One of the Oracle-L people pointed out that the Personal Edition for Linux has been available for 11.2 as well.  They snuck that in - but I am still very thankful.

Personal Edition is for developers who need ALL the features and options (except RAC and OEM packs), as well as support, at a very low price.  The limitation - it's a One Named User Only license.

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