Saturday, July 06, 2013

OpenFiler - lost iSCSI disks after reboot. How To Restore

I've been using OpenFiler 2.99 as a NAS and iSCSI server for some tests.  

A few days ago I had a power outage and that caused me some problems, so I got another UPS and added the OpenFiler system to the UPS.  Unfortunately, even though  I cleanly shut the filer down, it still caused the same problems as before.

This blog is more of a record for me, when I need to redo this exercise.  

  OpenFiler 2.99  x86_64 NAS Appliance
    - obtained from
    - built on a home-brew system with 1 500GB base drive &  4x1.5TB Seagate SATA drives

  After reboot, iSCSI disks were not presented.

Detailed symptoms & steps, as root:

1)  The 4 SATA drives were visible, and the partitions were listed in /dev
      (/dev/sdb1 -> /dev/sde1).  However, pvdisplay could not see the partitions.

     ran fdisk for all disks and rewrote the partition table, and reran pvdisplay

 # fdisk /dev/sdb
 Command (m for help):  w
 # pvdisplay

2) The Logical volumes were there but 'Status not available'

  ran the vgchange command.

# vgchange -a y
# lvdisplay

3) The iSCSI partitions still not being presented, apparently because the LUNs were stuck.

Command Line, as root
  went to /opt/openfiler/iscsi/targets
  made a backup of iscsi_settings.xml
  removed all the
OpenFiler admin web site (https://myhost:446/)
  Services > Services Section : Manage Services > iSCSI Target ... stopped and started
  Volumes > Volumes Section : iSCSI Targets > LUN Mapping ... remapped all LUNs

After remapping, all were visible again.

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